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Hayes Village Painting Group
Every Tuesday

1.30pm - 4.00pm
Hayes Village Hall

Discover your creative side
The painting group was formed in 2000 by Age Concern to provide a friendly meeting place for older people to enjoy being creative and enjoy time together. In 2002 Diana Knights, a member of the painting group and a member and deacon of Hayesford Park Baptist Church, took over as leader and the group is now run as a regular activity of Hayesford Park Baptist Church.

We meet every Tuesday at 1.30 until 4.00 in the room at the back of the Village Hall (known as the green room). The group is very popular and we are so enthusiastic that we don't even usually close for holidays!

What do I need to bring?
If you come to the painting group, you are free to bring whatever you like with you in terms of materials and what you paint is also up to you, but if you don't have materials don't worry, they can be provided. Just turn up and Diana will get you sorted with everything you need.

We have a very good teacher, Ken Murray, who comes every 3 weeks. Ken is a very talented artist and can help to give advice, teach new techniques, or even help you to rescue that picture you've got into a bit of a mess with!

In August each year we have an exhibition of our paintings and the spectators can vote for the 3 pictures that they would be happy to have hanging on their walls.

We also organise outings from time to time to time to art galleries or other places of artistic interest. Occasionally, when the weather is right, we paint outside in such places as Kelsey Park, Fair Acres garden and Eastbourne Pier.

We have great fun and enjoy being together. You may not feel very artistic, but people are surprised at what they achieve. One of our members, Ethel, won the certificate for the picture with the most votes at our exhibition one year and she had never painted before. So come and have a go. You can be assured of a very warm welcome.