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Messy Breakfast
Sunday Mornings once a month (10 days after Messy Church)

9.00 - 9.50am
Hayes Village Hall

What is Messy Breakfast?
Messy Breakfast is a new ministry building on our very popular midweek Messy Church. If you've been to Messy Church then you'll feel right at home but there are some additional things and a slight change to the format.

So what do we do at Messy Breakfast?
Messy Breakfast will usually consist of the following elements:

Breakfast - FREE Bacon Sandwiches for Adults - Well, it wouldn't be Messy Breakfast without breakfast would it? And what better way to start a Sunday morning than with a bacon sandwich? This is a treat just for the adults, children will be catered for too but our time is limited so we will give them something quicker so as there's time for making crafts and having fun!

While the children are busy making crafts and enjoying the story, adults can relax and chat over breakfast. Fresh filter coffee and bacon sandwiches freshly made, and the best bit... it's all on us!

Make something - Like Messy Church, a big part of the morning will be for children to make a craft. The craft will relates to the story of the day in some way so it's a fun way to help you remember the story as well as having something nice to take home with you.

Story - Each Messy Breakfast there will be a different stroy from the bible. We have many year of experience working with children and the story will be told in a way that is appropriate and engaging to their age.

Songs - A popular part of Messy Church is the songs. During Messy Breakfast we will only have time for one or two but they will be fun and again, tailored to kids.

Fun - Above all we hope that Messy Breakfast is enjoyable and fun. If we have time, we may play a game and if we're lucky, we may even have a visit from Cheeky Charlie, the popular Messy Church monkey.

All of this is packed into a morning that is guarunteed to give your children an exciting morning and give mums and dads a rare bit of peace and quiet and a leasurly breakfast. Best of all, it's all FREE. So why not start your sunday with a Messy Breakfast?



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